Hardscrabble Farmer is a website devoted to homesteading and self-sufficient, healthy, and sustainable living. The site publishes one or two original, long-form posts per week with a focus on what it takes to create a sustainable, self-sufficient and self-reliant homelife, and the tangible and intangible rewards of living such a life. Site founder, the Hardscrabble Farmer, pens inspiring essays drawn from life on his family farm in the Northeastern United States.

Our loyal readers visit Hardscrabble Farmer for information and inspiration. The majority of our readers are deeply concerned with practical ways to maximize the self-sufficiency and sustainability of their lives, and minimize or eliminate their dependence on corporate food and energy supply chains.

Hardscrabble Farmer welcomes advertising partnerships with small business owners, as well as larger brands that complement the self-reliant and sustainable lifestyle we promote. We consistently reach new readers every month and are happy to connect them with companies we believe in.

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