Welfare Programs Are a Huge Success – Docility Achieved

One of the most important things I learned regarding the handling of livestock is that you can control a hungry animal far easier than you can one with a full belly. A simple shake of a can with a handful of grain in it will give you the power to lead a 2,300 pound bull wherever you want it to go. Animals in confinement are at a disadvantage because you can control their feed and once you’ve learned that, you’ve eliminated every problem associated with free will.

I believe in the humane handling of livestock right up until the moment of slaughter. Until then the livestock should only associate you with positive experiences- leading them to greener pastures, occasional treats, gentle voice and movement around them that put them at ease.

I know that no one wants to think of human beings in terms of livestock or animal behavior, but the truth of the matter is that no matter how intelligent, how spiritual, how ethereal we may think we are, our basest needs and desires are animal in nature. The thing that sets us most apart from all other creatures is that we are the only animal that possesses a duality of nature- both predator and prey. Most humans are herd-like in their behaviors, they care about what all the others think of them and behave in ways that minimize their standing apart from the herd and in that they seek safety. Some use this genetic predisposition towards herd-like behavior in order to manipulate the mass- they are the predatory members of our society and they use the exact same type of handling techniques on humans as a rancher or farmer uses on his livestock in order to get the results he wants- submission, docility, ease of handling, control.

Anyone who thinks that this kind of information hasn’t been studied, understood, and implemented in order to more effectively control the populations of the various nations on earth is either incapable of this level of thought or deliberately lying to themselves. The purpose of providing trillions of dollars in subsidies, housing, food, etc. hasn’t been to help people become independent and self sufficient, it’s been to make the docile and controllable. This isn’t a failed program, it is a deliberately manipulative one with a completely opposite intention of the one stated. The problem is that because of our duality there are some people who remain “unherdlike” in their behavior. They crave independence and bridle at these base manipulations. When we encounter an animal that exhibits these kinds of traits within a herd- a skittish cow or an unpredictable boar- we cull them.

This culling process is taking place in our society today and the reminder are being conscripted via these programs into a life of domestic complicity.

This isn’t a failure of our government to create a nation of independent producers, it a success in creating a nation of docile consumers.

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